Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween, What May We Dare!

Leaves under our feet in the cool night air
Full moon in the sky, what may we dare? 
Brooms are flying, beware beware! 

The farm was on a rural country road with neighbors few. 
All the Old Farmer's children would go out together
looking around warily. There were about 7 houses in 1 mile uphill
and 3 houses in the mile to the north. It was a long trek with small reward. 

Then the fire department held a Halloween Party for the children.
There was apple bobbing and a Parade of costumes for different age groups.
One year the Old Farmer's Wife made a costume out of old draperies.
Shades of Scarlet O'Hara. It was a heavy red brocade.
A cane was spray painted silver and a bow tied on. The finishing touch
was a stuffed sheep toy with jingle bells in its ears! 

This costume was a prize winner that year! 
In later years we might go to stay in the suburbs or city
with a cousin and really cashed in on the candy :   )
But the lights of the city do not compare with memories
of the dark country roads!

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