Monday, May 16, 2016

An Earthier Subject

Ah, the old manure pile!
Welcome farmers and want to be farmers!
Any self respecting farm had a manure pile out back of the barn. This was a great asset for the garden. It would be full of straw and .... well manure, cow manure, pig manure, chicken manure, goat ... etc. Your stock of choice.
Our main pile was outside a large window opening behind the main pen in the barn.
You would pitchfork it out the window onto the pile. After aging for a year,
and over the winter it was ready to spread on the garden. Rotting the manure
in this manner is really important, it is full of bacteria and the aging
and heat from this process kills the bad germs off.
Do not put fresh manure on the garden!
This job was usually handled by my father or brother as he grew into it.
Not being pc us girls were spared from the job! When my brother was a senior in
high school he tossed the manure and his HS ring right out the window,
it was never found again! Still out behind the barn (or in the garden) to this day.
One year my father built a manure sled. It was two long logs for the base
topped with planks. he loaded up the manure and dragged it with the tractor up to the garden,
all us kids riding along. The first row of pitching the manure into the garden went well.
But on the turn, it seems it was too long and not maneuverable
 and we went topsy turvy. tipping over! What fun we had as kids!
Well that is a picture of the finished product, doesn't it look good!?

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Suzi Smith said...

Heheh... great story Jens :-)