Monday, July 18, 2016

Picking up the cow

What is a farm without livestock?
The Old Farmer raised pigs and a heifer every few years-for the freezer!
We did not need all the pigs so there was some income involved there.
One year when we got the new heifer calf the old farmer propounded 
on the theory that if he picked it up everyday as it grew, 
his strength would grow proportionally.
We went down to the pen every day the first week and observed the calf lift.
Then the next week... and again...
fortunately for The Old Farmer we had short attention spans.
I think that lasted a few weeks and faded into history....

 I mentioned earlier the freezer, this was a huge double wide 
in the back room of the farmhouse. It was well stocked.
One year we had a big family dinner.
We were all sitting around the kitchen exchanging greetings
and the old farmer; who was proud of providing for his family;
told the cousins how the pork roast cooking in the oven;
and smelling delicious by the  way; used to be down running around
behind the barns. This was too much information for one young cousin,
I don't know if he has eaten pork to this day!

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JoseG said...

Lovely little stories...charming...! It reminds me of my infancy.
Much better then tv...
I wonder if our children or grand-children will ever have these stories to tell...

Jens Mains said...

I started this to share the stories with my nieces, and hope many are enjoying them. And share you wish that future generations will have a relationship with the land to remember....