Friday, November 11, 2016

The Ceremony

I was in Fredericksburg today at the farmers market. They were having the veterans day observation just two blocks up the road so I walked up. There were over 40 beautiful bikes there with their vets : ) and an equal number of elder veterans. 

It was a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze. 15 veterans marched in with flags. 
Then 4 very young (rotc) marine lads carried in two flags, flanked with guards. 
While the Stars Spagled Banner played a stronger wind came up 
and snapped the flags on the flagpole, this seemed significant that it choose
 that moment and many in the crowd looked up at it.
There followed many speeches, some long and some short. I thought the best, short and sweet, was by The Honorable Bryce Reeves, state senator, 
and a former army man and airborne ranger. 

A memorable quote, perhaps not unique to Mr. Reeves,

 but one that certainly is worth remembering is
 "those who fail to prepare for war in times of peace, 
will pay with the blood of their sons in time of war".

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