Monday, March 13, 2017

The Old Road

When The Old Farmer moved his family to the farm
it was a crumbling one lane road. 

In the summer us kids roved up and down the road.
There may have been only about 10 houses in 2 miles.
Most to the south end, going up towards the old schoolhouse.
We'd visit the neighborhood kids and play at each others houses.
A favorite place to play was the corrugated steel culvert at the creek.

This was big enough to play in, splashing and slipping
and catching minnows.

Of course there were the tar bubbles
to pop on the chip and seal road
in the hot summer time.
I am sure The Old Farmer's Wife
liked us tracking that in on our shoes :  )

I think that statute of limitations is safely past 
to retell this story...The big hill at the top of the
road came down the escarpment, a land
feature Niagara Falls goes over. 
For me it was famous for The Old Farmer
putting me on his lap to pretend to drive
when coming down the hill to see how far
we could coast! We usually could make it
 past the culvert to the dip in the road where
we could not get up the other side~

1 comment:

Sue said...

hahah, another good one Jens.
I loved playing in the creek by my house. like to play with the tadpoles. Grandma would take me down there.
My Uncle would let us kids sit on his lap and pretend to drive. ahhhhh good memories with this one too!