Monday, April 17, 2017

A Family Character

I remember Aunt Garnet...
I was very young. 

Aunt Garnet was known as a character.
I wish I had been older and knew her better.
One day an old MG Midget drove into the driveway
and out climbs a older woman of good girth.
And her adult mid aged son. 

There was no announcement of their impending visit.
They drove from Pontiac Michigan on the spur of the minute.
I guess the son told her to hop in the car, they were going for a drive.
I guess he was a character too. 
Going through Canada it was about about a 5 hour drive.
Aunt Garnet had no luggage, no extra clothes, no under garments extra!
The Old Farmer's Wife drove into town with me to buy a few necessities for her.
I had never seen undies like those before!

And one day they were just gone again...


Eldon Mains said...

Well now that's a story I never heard before!

Jens Mains said...

Eldon, your family moved a lot with your father's job so you avoided those surprise family visits! It is funny but I don't remember anything of the actual visit. I guess the kids did not bother the adults back then. We were off doing our own thing.