Monday, June 26, 2017

The Poker Game

At the Old Farmer's house, once a month we had
his in-laws over for dinner and the bi-weekly card (Poker :  ) game.
 Every other two weeks we went to their house. 

Us cousins spent the afternoon playing.
It was out one day a week we had a treat, usually potato chips and dip.
Sometimes pretzels. Dip = sour cream and french onion soup mix.
When at the cousin's house, in the big city, we could walk to the corner
to get and ice cream. And our Aunt always made the best spaghetti.

The card game lasted late into the evening.
It was a serious battle for pennies.
When a diversion was called for Uncle would jostle
the table to shake over everyone's neat stacks of pennies. 
Everyone would boo and fuss at him! 
We young'uns would  lay upstairs in bed and listen to the fun.

At the end of the night all the pennies went into the
toy safes or tin boxes ready for the next game.


Sue said...

Hola Farmer's Daughter
hahaha, ohhhh yes, those card games...when the adults could become funny
and playful at times. Of course the liqour was flowing too.
But, those were great times to be had.

Jens Mains said...

So true Ulv Sue. The men favored cheap beer in out family, and one aunt could get with that too : )

Anonymous said...

Great memories for a lot of us.