Monday, July 31, 2017

Back Yard Camping

The dog days of summer,
it is hot. The house is hot.
The windows are open
to let in that elusive breeze.

So the youngsters want to camp out! 
Of course the times that live in your memory
are the ones that ended in disaster.

  This Old Farmer's Daughter recalls staying over with a friend
in the back yard. Our little tent was right up against the back of the house. 
In the middle of the night she woke me up and said someone
was prowling around outside our tent. 
We did not sleep well the rest of the night. 
Of course now looking back I am thinking it was her Dad checking on us.

Another upset was caused by a big canvas tent, 8 girls,
and a rainstorm! Can you guess where that is going? 
The young hostess was warning us, we'll be fine, just don't touch
the sides of tent or it will bleed! Well with 8 girls, air mattresses,
blankets, pillows, etc it wasn't long before we were floating in an inch of water!
We all ended up trooping into the living room in the middle of the night 
waking up the household in the process.


Q said...

hahaha, yes, way good times...and of course, being so young, there was always someone or something lurking outside the tent....hahaha
Cardboard boxes, we made a sort of tent. but of course, no one slept. The night creature was there, and we knew it. LOL....

Jens Mains said...

That is so true! Thanks for stopping by Q, hmmmm?