Monday, September 19, 2016

The Old Farmer's Schooldays

The Old Farmer was a model student....

He was a gruff man and one of his favorite stories 
was when the music teacher used to come in.
Music and art teachers used to travel from room to room.
She would roll her cart in with maybe a record player on it.
Sometimes she might have a box full of  recorders
and rhythm instruments. This was a fun day!
So one day they were all encouraged to sing along
So he joined full throated, the teacher looked at him and said
"Okay, everyone sing, except you, you don't have to sing ! " 

 Discipline in his day was a sturdy ruler in the hands of the teacher.
The teacher would walk up and down the aisles as speaking
or during tests. If you were doodling, down came the ruler across the knuckles!
If you were talking out to turn, WHAM, down came the ruler. 
If you were caught passing a note or teasing the girl in front of you, whap! 

Listen to the echos of children long ago, children's voices will always
be the same, innocent and fun loving through the generations. 

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Eldon Mains said...

My Dad, the Old Farmer's brother, used to tell what would happen if you acted out in school. The teacher would take you out in the hall and physically discipline you. He said you couldn't go home and tell your father (my grandfather) about it because you would get it again. Grampa would say, whatever you did to make that teacher have to slap you deserved another one!

Jens Mains said...

LoL! Thanks for the addition to the story!

Doug Huntington said...

My father told me the same when i got in trouble with Mr. Forcono our principal at Starpoint