Monday, September 26, 2016

DAG NAB IT ! or the things we used to hear....

 The Old Farmer's favorite swear word when he hit his thumb with the hammer was  ...                                                                                                                         DAG NAB IT!

   And he often said
            AS THE CROW FLIES....

     Crows are believed to fly straight to
 their destinations.
          How far to Jenny's house, 
    1 1/2 miles, By crow only 1 mile! 

Excuse me, a little elbow room please.....TOO MANY COOKS IN THE KITCHEN
    Too Many Cooks Spoil the Soup-"what did you put in there! I already did that!"
 That poor dead critter is ....STIFFER THAN A BOARD
  or ....DEADER THAN A DOORNAIL...why is a doornail dead? I have thought about this and believe it is because they were pounded through the door and the point bent over so they couldn't be removed, making them dead, and not reuseable in any future time.

 A penny saved is a penny earned

Crooked as a dogs hind leg

Finer than the fuzz on a bee's butt

 Its not my fault! I didn't do it! ....
The Old Farmer's Wife favorite saying was...

 Like a bat out of hell

A stitch in time saves nine

 Tongue in cheek

Not worth a plug nickel

 Safely walking along the road....SINGLE FILE INDIAN STYLE, FACING TRAFFIC ALL THE WHILE...I think our young folks could use a refresher course on this one now.

(I suspect many may be uncomfortable with the use of Indian. 
 Native american is a Washington political pc thing.
I have contact with many "native americans" and many prefer the use of 
American Indian or first peoples.
 See.... )

    Did you ever
           take to something
                 like a duck takes to water?                                                  

Another of the Old Farmer's favorites was  
"Not a fit day out for Maaaannnnn nor BEAST" 

What is your favorite old saying? 

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GAUROCH2 said...

yeah, lovely sayings...and good to learn things and ways of life....! Now they have the internet...and know next to nothing and most often useless things...
I'll start with one saying I hate: "…from horse to donkey..." (when you "downgrade" as they say nowadays). Well, I am not at ease with horses, they seem too big and complicated, and usually are owned by rich people. On the contrary I love donkeys, I mounted them with no sadle, felt from them, they are stubborn but eat whatever is available, are hard workers and very resistant... Give me a donkey anytime...well, they are not very fast, but at least you can enjoy the ride...!
I'll end with one I find quite appropriate for our troubled times: "…the one who knows...does! the one who does not know...rules..!"
No further comments...

Jens Mains said...

Gauroch2, Thanks for the old one about downgrading from a horse to a mule, that is a new one to me!