Monday, March 20, 2017

The Old Farmer's Wife has a Green Thumb

The Old Farmer's Wife had a green thumb.

 While The Old Farmer grew the vegetables and she canned them,
her real domain was the flower garden.
And in keeping with the season today I look at the indoor plants. 
African violets were in a room with westward facing window
and they thrived. Watered from the bottom when the top
felt dry to fingertip...

In the bay window was a large old snake plant,
impolitely mother in law's tongue
or ie sansevieria trifasciata.
These do not bloom often, I remember her's blooming.

  And the Christmas cactus, 
still living many years later.
Here it serves as a nice backdrop 
for this hat advertisement.
The trick to making these bloom
is 12 hours of daylight
and 12 hours of dark in the months
before Christmas.
And there is a peek at the
mother in law's tongue in
the background too!


Marc said...

Great photos. I guess that's why our Christmas cactus is blooming in March.

Karynlee Awianidv said...

Beautiful photos! Great memories!