Monday, June 27, 2016

The Hazards of Farm Life

The Old Farmer enjoyed life, everything had a joke in it.
I previously referenced the tipping of the manure sled, aka the Stone Boat.
While it could have had serious consequences, it was a great joke in the retelling. 

In its former incarnation as a Stone Boat.
it was used to go around the fields picking up stones.
One day a stone wall appeared between two large trees in the back yard.
In the spring the tractor was hooked up to the plow, then the drag to get out the
weeds, followed by the disc to smooth it for the vegetable garden. Over the top
of the sharp discs was a square rack of angle iron that could hold stones to weigh
it down and more effectively dig into the soil.
The Old Framer's Daughters and any other kids that were around were sometimes
loaded up on the rack to ride around the garden, note that this rack was open,

and our feet dangled and the discs were inches below!
It is a wonder anyone survived childhood in those days.
Then there was the time they set the telephone pole on fire.
Poles were coated on the bottom half with creosote (coal tar)
back then to keep them from rotting.
 After a day of planting field corn the Old Farmer and his son
went to burn the paper fertilizer sacks at the bottom of the field where they were piled.
Need I say more? Fortunately there were burlap bags too and a creek nearby.
They were able to beat out the flames. After these minutes of panic
 this also became a funny story.
The Old Farmer could laugh at himself.

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Anonymous said...

So true! How did we ever survive childhood???

rozeguy said...

I remember riding on the disc and watching the cats catch the field mice that came out as a result of discinf the field. As a city kid it was great when my uncle let me drive the tractor and pull the disc. I can remember showing off for the neighbor girls down the road.

Jens Mains said...

rozeguy made me smile this morning ! Thanks for the memories.