Monday, June 13, 2016

The Old Farmer's Memories

The Old Farmer lived a long life and loved to share his stories.
He and his brothers grew up in Niagara Falls, NY.
They ran wild around the gorge below the falls.
They would climb up and down the steep cliffs and found Milky Cave,
I think this cave was filled in for some reason, there are many other caves that are still there.
On hot summer days they would hang onto rocks in the river below the whirlpool! 
In the winter they would ice skate on Love Canal,
do you all remember that from the news!? Look it up, worth the read.
The Old Farmer said it would freeze, then the water level might drop
and the ice would become "hilly".
I wouldn't be surprised if he fell through a time or two.

I suspect he got in trouble more than once for leading his younger
brothers on these dangerous escapades!

Their mother died while they were young and a neighbor lady
who lived across the road would come in to take care of the cleaning
and cooking and take care of the boys when they got home from school.
When the father got home from work he would go in the back door
with his lunch pail and she would go out the front door and walk home.
It was all very proper. 
One day the boys were told to get on their Sunday clothes,
then a preacher came in and married their father and the lady
across the street became their stepmother!
The were not consulted or advised about this and it came as a total surprise.
We have strayed from the farm a bit, but I hope this
glimpse of life long ago was interesting.


rozeguy said...

I remember hearing stories about skating on the upper Niagara River too. It probably sounds scarier than it was as I'm sure they were upriver from the falls a ways!

Todd Mains said...

The groom gave the bride a mantle clock for a wedding present. That clock is on my mantle now.

Jens Mains said...

Some interesting info! Thanks for the comments : )