Monday, June 20, 2016

The Swamp

The swamp was a bit of a wonderland for children.
Little streamlets running this way and that.
Intermingling with hummocks in between.
Theoretically offering safe passage!
It was a mystical place, quiet, eerie, peaceful by turns...and scarrrry!
But if you were quiet the abundant life would reveal itself to you.
And sometimes the noise of children swinging on the Yahoo Rope
would interrupt the peace!

The yahoo rope swung out over the swamp
from a huge old tree of some fame locally.
It was the largest tulip tree anyone had seen.
4-H clubs would come look at the tree on a yearly basis.
While there they would combine the trip with the opportunity to scour the fields for insects.
Entymology (the study of insects) was a 4-H project most members did.
And most farm children were members. 
The luna moth, the large graceful green one was the prize of a collection.
I personally do not like to get to close to hymenoptera (bees, I remember that  term from...uhm...a long time ago!)
 and I found one for my collection along the roadside, 
(a long overdue confession-are they going to take away my blue ribbon?).
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1 comment:

Aktahi said...

Jens, what a beautiful memory and expression of the grandfather tulip tree and the swing too. Being from the Midwest I don't know much about swamps but your words brought it to life. As always the wonders of life and living are all around us. It's nice to run across someone who has both photos and a good command of language. It's a worthy read, thank you.