Monday, October 3, 2016

Three Barns

The Old Farmer had 3 huge barns.
They were referred to as barn number 1, barn number 2 and barn number 3.
So if going down to feed the pigs, the Old Farmer would say I'll be down in #3.
Or if going to rummage around looking for something
he would say I'll be out in number 2.

This numbering system came in very handy one winter day
when he did not return in time to eat super. The Old Farmer's son
went down to the indicated barn and found the Old Farmer on the ground
by the well, unable to walk with his back "thrown out". 
The story is he lit his pipe and laid there, knowing help would come soon.
This is the kind of man he was. 
He was helped back to the house and rested several days to recover.

Barn number 2 looks like it was the first barn there. 
It was smaller and had an opening high on the right side
 that had been a hay loft door.
Barn 1 was built attached to number 2.
There was no access between them on the main floor,
 but you could access each from the basement,
 or if you were bold and acrobatic 
through the hay loft opening from the beams on #1 side.
Or you could climb the "missing stairs" in a stair well opening 
on the main floor of #2.

Everything was hand hewn beam and ladders and wooden pegs.
We would get up on the beams and run around careless of the danger.
More on the barns later!

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Eldon Mains said...

Those are some great pics of the barns and the farm. I remember that swing in the tree like it was yesterday! I don't see the fuel tank that was in front of number 1, but maybe it is lost in the shadows. Also I don't think I ever saw the doors to number 2 ever closed? I can remember going up into that hay mow and jumping into the straw down below.

Jens Mains said...

Thanks for adding to the memories! I forgot about the fuel tank, will look for a picture of it, it is probably a bit to the left out of this picture.