Monday, December 19, 2016

Cutting Down the Tree 2

 It was that time of year again.
Snow was deep.
Radiators were hot. 
The Old Farmer says get on your snowsuits
 and gloves and boots,
time to go GET THE TREE! 

He grabbed the saw and we headed out back.
Between the barns and down the hill, across the creek
and on to the stand of pines.  After picking the perfect tree
 The Old Farmer would cut it down.

The Old Farmer was a smart cookie, like most farmers
and outdoorsmen he was a great conservator
of nature. He never cut a tree down to the ground,
but above the bottom level of branches, trimming
them to leave one or two to grow upwards
into a new tree.

The tree was then brought home, across the field
and the creek, up the hill and between the barns,
to the back porch. There the Old Farmer put it in
a bucket of water to keep it fresh.

And there it sat...and sat....and sat.....
Finally on Christmas Eve it came into the back room
to warm up. Then into the dining room into the bay window
and in the old tree stand
Decorating was a work of art
First the strings of lights went on, then the bulbs.
The garlands gracefully placed around the tree and finally the tinsel.

The Old Farmer insisted that it be put on one strand at a time.
If you were caught doing three or four...well, they had to be redone.
The last touch was placing the star on the top! 

 So sitting by the glow of the tree I wish you
A Merry Christmas One and All ! 

(and if not Christmas may you have a good year!)

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Sue said...

hahahah, great story!!!!
guess the tree waited till the eve of christmas as tradtion???
It was me and my mom that went out for our tree at the lot close to our house.
had fun during that time with my mom.

GAUROCH2 said...

Thanks Jens, your words have the magic of getting all of us's almost real...!
Will I remember what I ate or what gifts I received in 20 years? No! But I'm sure I'll keep these words in my heart and have vivid memories of all this…!
Merry Christmas to you and yours and all our Bros 'nd Sis around the fire!

Paul (aka Sirocco) said...

Oh yes. I remember the decorated Christmas trees of yesteryear with the garlands and tinsel. They were indeed a work of art. Putting on tinsel was a tedious job especially if you had a long needled tree. I did get caught a couple of times putting on too many strands of tinsel at one time. I don’t see many tinseled trees anymore. Thank you for posting, Jen.