Monday, December 12, 2016

Cutting Down The Tree

Once upon a time the Old Farmer and his brother 
found a big old two man saw in barn #2. 
They decided to see how long it would take to cut down
a really big tree with it.
Also providing the Old Farmer's children and the cousins
some entertainment in the effort!

There happened to be a really big old tree in the front woods
 (across from the house).
This tree must have been a good 4' diameter,
 but was largely hollowed on one side. 
Still sturdy but thought to be expendable as a future hazzard
 it was chosen for the experience. 

They started sawing mid morning. 
Continued sawing until lunch. 
Took a lunch break and came back to sawing.
And finally we were all told to stand back, and boom!

I guess it took about 4 hours  and several blisters laterto get through the treeand it gave us many years of fun afterwards, 
climbing up on it and running along the length. 

3  J's

For those who still live in the area, there was a tree towards the front
corner of the woods nearest the house. I have wondered if it has been
cut down with the building of new houses or is still in someones yard? 

Fairly high up the Old Farmer had carved the notation "3 J's".
I don't think it was that high originally, but grew higher as the tree grew.
(three J's referred to the three women in the family whose names began with J)

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