Monday, December 5, 2016

Winter Fun On The Farm

Winter Fun On The Farm

The Old Famer's Children saw this as a fun opportunity.
We dug snow caves into the large banks of snow.

Dragged the old wood skis out of barn #2.

Once we were invited to go up on the escarpment
to toboggan down the BIG hill.

Someone had a toboggan, a long sled that
many people could get on at once. 

I do not think we made it all the way down
before tipping over!

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Susie Walker said...

gosh how fun that would be as a kid, snow caves, I could have dug that...
Never been on a pond that froze over...gee, think I need to do that.
Now, I have used an innertube, or sled for snow. on senior cut day in high school we all cut school and went up to the snow. I did get to tobagan...sp?
yep,, never made it down all the way, but that was part of the fun...hahahah
thanks for these memories!!!!!

Paul (aka Sirocco) said...

When I was a kid our house was along the bottom of a long steep road. The blacktopped road was always icy. I don’t think they plowed and sanded the roads as they do now. We are talking the early 1950s here. Anyway, the neighbor kids and I would take our two runner sleds and race down that road. At the bottom of the road we would turn our sleds and crash into the snow bank. We all thought it great fun. Thanks for the memories.

Jens Mains said...

Paul, reminded me of those runner sleds that had minimal steering ability, if turned to sharply you would go over! Yes, fun!

Eldon Mains said...

We certainly had no shortage of snow when we lived in Buffalo! We also had a fair amount in Pennsylvania too. I can remember going to Twin Lakes outside of Harrisburg and ice skating. The ice was so thick that someone would actually make a campfire on it. The tough part was riding a bike to get there.