Monday, February 20, 2017

The Ice Storm

I remember the great ice storm...  

  Freezing rain came down and built up an inch on trees and power lines. 
No one was going anyplace. The power went out. For three days. 
That was unheard of in those days. Three days! 
Perhaps because there was less population? Things were fixed faster than they are now. Now a storm on that scale you could be out of electricity for 1-3 weeks.

 An electric wire came down by the corner of our woods on the road. 
It was early evening and the wire danced and bounced firey in the dark of night
 against the mirror of ice.

After a couple days we wanted a warm meal and The Old Farmer fired up the grill 
in the basement under an open basement window. He warmed a pot of soup.
And grilled some pork chops. So good!

The house did not freeze with the gravity fed hot water radiators
and the coal fired furnace. Many people took advantage of the offer
of a warm place at the town community center.

And so we survived!

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