Monday, February 6, 2017

Spring Tonic and Haircuts

Every spring The Old Farmer's Wife 
gave The Old Farmer's Daughters
THE hair cut.

This was not anticipated with glee.
Which made it something of an ordeal.
Then to further torment us the Toni home permanent

became popular.
So we got short curly hair! 

After an hour

and a half of sitting

 getting end papers

and curlers put in,

 saturated with perm,

 timed, rinsed, and conditioned.


Then came the 60s 

and we wanted our hair 

 to be straight.

Big curlers or ironing 

were the solution.

Yes, we laid our heads on the ironing board and ironed away!   Or we used orange juice cans, or with really long hair even a coffee can! as a roller! 


I still have not recovered from the humiliation of
The Old Farmer's laughter and attempt

 to get a picture of me.

 Another old way was dosing with cod liver oil.
It was good for everything! (Probably hair too)
Then Dr. Spock came along and said vacinations were better, toss the cod liver oil. 
Now Cod Liver Oil is back. Full of vitamins,
good for the heart, etc. So the old ways are redeemed.
Then it was in a spoon and tasted yechtttt, now we have capsules.


Sue said...

OMG hahahahaha, such a true story about us girls and those summer
hair diasters!!!! I also got my neck shaved! Hated my hair short!
And ohhhhhh yes, the freeking toni perm!!! God, that was the all time worse!
in the living room, in front of the small b&w tv on a stand, I'd sit, on my little red and white chair, matching little table. Mom must have thought
that would make it fun.... NOT!!!!
Anyway, I can still smell that awful stuff!!!!
Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, thanks for that Memory!!! :-0

Anonymous said...

I have to say, a coffee can on the head is pretty funny! And I'd sit for those perms and have curly hair ONE DAY. The next at it was straight! Maybe all the strength of the perm was in the smell-

GAUROCH2 said...

Mine was in Easter, when arriving at my Grand Fathers house for hollidays! The barber took pleasure on saying horrible things to kids (like he shoud cut our ears, too). And then it was time to grab a piece of wool and go to the local tailor to have one or two pairs of shorts made…but he lived a bit far from the village…and we had to pass by the cemetery…and I hated it!!!
And yes, I think I never had to take cod-liver oil… but my Father gave me hallibut liver oil (basically the very same thing) It came in small dark-brown glass containers, and perhaps 10 or 12 drops were enough… and I remember I liked to put it in the soup and it was much more tasty… Good old times!