Monday, February 27, 2017

old farmers memories 3

Shall  we revisit The Old Farmer's memories of the old days?  

A story from his childhood.
People did not have a lot of treats in past generations.
Even when I was a child candy was not an everyday thing.
Potato chips were once a week...

One day in town The Old Farmer and his brothers
saw a box of candy fall off a delivery truck!
What a bounty! They scooped it up and hid it away
to allow themselves one piece a day, making it last
as long as possible. I think that was about as criminal
an act most would commit in those time too. It was very daring.
I think he even blushed in his later years at the memory.

While zippers were invented in the late vicotrian years
and introduced at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893
they were not in common use. 

 The Old Farmer remembered his first pair of pants with a zipper
when he was a young man preparing to go out on a double date in the early 1930s.
This was a big event. Unfortunately after excusing himself
to go to the bathroom the zipper became stuck at the bottom!
He and his friend spent some panic'ed time in the bathroom
trying to get it unstuck! 

Such are our memories. Fun and daring and embarrassing...

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