Monday, August 15, 2016

Driving accidents

 Bicycles were freedom in the country.
And learning to ride was a rite of passage.
And a trauma in some cases.
Our driveway was lined with large maple trees
with the sidewalk on the opposite side. 
The Old Farmer gave the bicycle lessons.
When I old enough to stand up on the peddles of a bicycle
way too big to sit on I was given a few rides with the
Old Farmer holding
the back of the seat and running alongside.
When it was determined that I  had the feel of it
I was pushed off from the step, did a few wobbles,
took off ..... and rode right up a tree!

Apparently that is not the first time this happened
as the Old Farmer's Older Daughter also had this same tree
jump in front of her...

Remember riding double?
I remember the Old Farmer's Older Daughter also having
a tractor driving lesson. I stood back and watched from a safe distance.
The Old Farmer took the tractor down the hill behind the barns.
Then got her up, gave a few pointers on first gear and the brake.
Then set her off across the creek, (which was a very shallow small creek).
And right up into the bushes on the other side of the path!
(She has no memory of this incident.)
 But I digress, the bicycles were hand me downs that were too big
and we had no training wheels or helmets or knee pads.
We spent the summer happily riding back and forth
to our friend's houses along a mile stretch of our country road,
usually many times back and forth. Occasionally we strayed farther afield.

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