Monday, August 22, 2016

The Games Children Played

Tag! Your it!
Race you to the barn,
Last one home's a rotten egg.
1 2 3 ......ready or not, here I come!

 These were the sounds of summer in the country.
Late summer evenings, hot and still;
Locusts, katydids, and cicadas loudly singing,
Then crickets starting to sing in the night.

This was the best time to play hide and seek.
Especially after it started turning dark and the shadows were deep.
The porch lights would go on making the shadows darker.
The Old Farmer and his wife sitting on the porch
making sure everything was safe as they relaxed
from their busy day.

One night, before the game started
a couple neighborhood boys came by. They walked up to us
on the front porch steps carrying two full grown skunks!
Us kids were fascinated, at least I knew I was.
They explained that carrying the skunks by the tail
they couldn't spray. I never knew how that ended, 
when they went to put them down!

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Deanna Crownover said...

I just love this! Fond memories of my childhood came rushing in <3

Jens Mains said...

Thanks for stopping by Deanna, love that it brings good memories!