Monday, August 29, 2016

Reaping the Rewards of the Garden

Time to reap what we have sown, this is a good thing.

Canning time is full upon the farm in August.
Beans are cut in 1" lengths and pressure canned.
Peaches halved and canned in heavy syrup.
Corn cut off the cobs. Applesauce is made. Pears canned.
Maybe some pickles and cherries were canned too.
It is a busy time of year!

 Tomatoes are a big project calling into action the whole family.
The Old Famer's Wife cooked the tomatoes in huge pots. 
When soft they were sent outdoors to the Old Farmer and daughters
who ran them through the mill, this required a crank turner (the daughters)
and a pusher (the Old Farmer) who encouraged the tomatoes to the bottom of the mill. 

The seeds and skin came out the end of the strainer corkscrew
very dry and the sauce went into the chute.
We added a mesh strainer over the pot which caught the puree
and the juice ran through. Thus we had tomato juice for drinking
and puree for weekly spaghetti!
Halved tomatoes were also packed into the canning jars for
stewed tomatoes (for these the Old Farmer's Wife would pour boiling water over
the tomatoes to split and loosen the skins), when heated they
were seasoned with garlic, salt. pepper, butter and a tsp sugar.

Cinnamon Pears
Make a sugar syrup, pears are sweet so you may not
want too heavy a syrup. Heat with a couple cinnamon sticks
for 5 mins or so with halved pears.
Can, unless you have to eat immediately, these are really good!
Process quarts 25 mins in boiling water bath.

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