Monday, August 1, 2016

Old Farmers Memories 2

When The Old Farmer was in his teens they moved to a farm in Niagara County.
Spending a Sunday in Niagara Falls in January,
he was there when a great cry went up and a loud commotion was heard.
Everyone was running down to the river.

The Steel Arch bridge had collapsed that Sunday Jan 23, 1938, at 4:20pm.

Great masses of ice often came down river and over the falls from Lake Erie
and would form an ice bridge. This year it was the bridge's undoing
and pushed out the steel supports from it's foundation.

Here's a picture of the old bridge...

I have pictures and postcards of the bridge laying on the ice 
but they are copyrighted, look them up on the internet!
 I always found the many little falls of water over the gorge interesting
in these old photos, ca1910. Is it residential drainage, or a factory area.
Now the factories are above the falls, if you ride along the Robert Moses Parkway
it is a beautiful view of the upper river on one side

and the factories all lined up on the other.

One of his stories was about going out to Pontiac Michigan
as a young man to look for work, this would have been during 
depression years.

Finding work did not happen for him so he headed back home in the old model t.
It was the dead of winter driving along the southern shore of Lake Erie.
The car had no heater and it was an icy cold drive.
He ran out of money and was stranded and had to ask his father to
send money, he was wired 10.00 for gas and food, and eventually made it home. 

These winter story pictures are not very colorful.
I am sure many of you have heard the old story
that Henry Ford said you could get the Model T in any
color you long as it was black!

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JoseG said...

My parents never had a car, but one of my cousins did...Sometimes he would bring me to the seaside on holidays until my parents could come...boy, I loved those car trips...! It was an old Volkswagen Beetle, he and his wife in the front seats, and in the back, his sister, a friend they call "aunt" but was a good friend and not blood-family, their daughter (my cousin) and me...and the luggage...I really can't imagine how we fit in the car...! My cousin honked every one in the road: the slow ones, those overtaking, the lorries, the bicycles, the donkeys or mules, pedestrians, mere people passing by...and I enjoyed it like mad. The best part was THE INSULT: he invented a word that was a mix of "camel" and "toffee" In the imagination of a young boy there could not be a more injurious insult then and hybrid of a camel and a toffee...there couldn't be more horrible swearing than that word...and I sometimes shouted it too by the open window and his wife got angry with me because young boys should not sware... Of course nobody cared as it was a word invented by him... And the journey would take forever (1 day?) with constant stops for eating, for drinking, for a pee, to stretch the legs, to smoke a cigarret, to check water or oil, to cool the engine, to vomit, or just because my cousin got angry with his driving and decided to have those tantrums or headaches or whatever it was...
Those were happy days....