Monday, October 10, 2016

Barn Number Three

Barn number 3

The main floor had the expected drive in for equipment in the center front.
 It was not much used when I was young. To the left had been hay/straw storage. 
To the right was an open area with some scattered bits and pieces 
of equipment scattered about. 
The back right corner was a chicken room. It had a window, 
a long pole roost on one side and some metal nest  boxes on the right.

 I remember a cat sitting outside the door which had a mouse hole 
waiting waiting waiting
 for a chicken or chick to get close enough to grab. 
Don't think it ever happened tho, Chickens are no dummies!

The downstairs was the real action here. The Old Farmer raised hogs for many years.
This was a cash crop as well as food for the freezer. 

The only fencing required for the outside pens was a single wire strung 
about 1 1/2 foot off the ground. This had a low electric
current running through it. We had a bit of fun with that by holding a piece
of grass and touching the wire! 

We loved introducing our city cousins to this uhm...jolt.
The grass and weeds had to be kept down under this wire to keep
the current from running into the ground. The Old Famer and his son
would use a sicle for this purpose.

One day the Old Farmer wanted to drive the pigs from one pen to another. 
 He put us children at the corners to make sure they went around the right way.
I was a bit hesitant as I was still quite little and the pigs were quite big.
Told to not worry, hold out my arms and they would go the right way.
Well, they did go the right way, but my foot got stomped in the process.
I guess I was too close to my work! Yeouch! 

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