Monday, October 17, 2016

Barn Number Two Battle of the Yellow Jackets

Barn number 2
This appears to have been the first barn here. 
(Refer to picture in The Three Barns)
It has a standard roof, not gambrel, and the loft door opening
on the right side that was built inside the barn next to it at a much later date.

This barn was a wonderland of old junk.

The main floor was the big storage area. Under the "junk wall"
was a work bench. Well the work bench was under more stuff.
You could weave your way through the floor to some barrels full
of old beer bottles, all different brands and sizes with
the original paper labels. On around a bit more was the old stairwell
with no stairs in it, there hung horse collars, hames, leather net. 
A little farther on was the old rocker 
and beautiful door leaning up against a post.

Newspapers were piled just inside the door to be recycled
when enough were accumulated.
One year yellow jackets decided there was a perfect nesting
place down inside the papers. They became somthing of a nuisance
when trying to go in and out of the doorway.
The Old Farmer and his brother devised a plan of attack.
After dark (we know bees to not fly after dark)
they crept down to the barn, The Old Farmer with a can of spray
and his brother with a flashlight to pinpoint the target area.
They soon found out that yellow jackets will fly up a beam of light
from the flashlight! Plan foiled!

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Joseph L. said...

My Great-Great Grandfather, who came to the US in 1839 at the age of 40, as a carpenter he built a number of "standard roof" barns in our area of Western NY State and near Oak Orchard Ohio until his death in 1879. He actually died at almost 80 years of age, of injuries from falling off the roof of a barn he was helping to build for his son in Ohio!

Jens Mains said...

I am loving your recollection Joeseph, just to think perhaps he built this barn!