Monday, October 24, 2016

Lets Wind up the Sketches of the Barns with Barn Number One


 Barn Number 1
Where we spent most of our time as kids. 
Ladders and beams and straw and slides.

This barn was built up against barn number 2. 

One time the Old Farmer's brother was chasing us kids.
We knew the barns like the back of our hands and ran down the stairs 

to the basementof this barn with our uncle hot on our heels
A missing step was leaped over and on we went.
The Old Farmer's brother went right into it! How lucky it was
that he suffered nothing more than bruises.
After a few weeks of the step not being fixed (we were all used to it)
my uncle went down there and fixed it himself!

The hand shaved rungs on the ladders were a treasure when I look back on it.
There was a grainery in the corner and straw bales to the ceiling on the other side.
We had real hay rides back in those days with the young men stacking the bales on the wagons and us littler ones riding along dodging the bales being tossed about.
We built straw forts. And straw tunnels. Sometimes a barn cat would
get back into a crack through the straw and have her kittens.

There was a great slide that was the board cover over the stairs,
We would climb up and slide down over and over again. 
Slivers were a hazard of this practice, use your imagination!
We would climb the beams and access the loft door into 
the second floor of  barn number 2. 
Children would make their own fun and used their imaginations!

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Unknown said...

I remember those days! Good writing and interesting subject.