Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year, a sincere wish for all!

Its the New Year.
We had our champagne at midnight
and toasted each other. 
Now the "what do I do now" week is over
and it is back to the old grind. 

What was your most memorable New Years?
I have two among the many.
I was married to a musician and spent many of the holidays

in big fancy motels. Many were spent quietly at home. 
But the memorable ones were 1. with family and 2. with best friend

The Old Farmer's brother lived in a suburb of Buffalo and we were close,
visiting back and forth biweekly. I remember one year when there were many
bad fogs. The Old Farmer would drive with his head out the window trying 

to see the line on the road it was so bad. Halloween's were great in the suburbs
for this country girl! But I digress....

At the house in the burbs we gathered around the clock a few minutes
 before midnight, everyone with a glass of champagne.
And toasted in the New Year at the stroke of midnight.
I have that picture around someplace...

The other New Years that lives in my memory was spent
 at a friend's house when a teenager.
Her parents were going out and they let her ask a friend over
so she wouldn't be alone
. We chatted and played card games

and had a card table set up in the living room for dinner.
She made spaghetti. And we toasted the new year with a glass of red wine.

 To this day I connect New Years Eve with homemade spaghetti! 


Sue said...

Happy New to You Farmer's Daughter!!!
As always, enjoy your stories....
Many blessings, and look forward in this new year, many more stories out on the farm!!!!

Eldon Mains said...

Great memories! I once went to Times Square when I lived in Brooklyn. Quite the experience