Monday, January 30, 2017

Winter games

Does anyone play in the snow?
Does anyone make snow forts?
Do you build a snowman
or make snow angels? 

One of our favorite snow games was Fox and Goose.
One fox, as many geese as were players.
We would tramp a big circe in the snow
with a cross of paths through the middle, if big enough
we might get a little crazy and  concentric circles! 

The middle was the safe place, the fox chased until he caught a goose.
Then that person had to be the fox! 
Kept your blood circulating and warm. 

There was a big hill between barns #2 and #3.
One year the Old Farmer and his son decided to ice it
to see if we could sled farther and faster! 
I was a bumpy ride but I do believe we doubled our distance.


Sue said...

Well, snow is a good subject for now. Here in so calif, there seems to be plenty. Even in the desert!!! As a little girl, loved to play in the snow...hahaha think I liked my snow suit more though...give them a gift, and they play in the box! :-D Anyway, been too long since I have made a snow angel. need to work on that. Um, not sure what you were saying about the medals. You made those?
oooooo sledding, now that's fun, and not for the fair hearted. hahahaha
ate lots of snow there....
Thanks for the memories!!!!

Jens Mains said...

Hi Sue, a geocacher will understand the geocoins! It is a gps hide and seek game...