Monday, January 9, 2017

Warm radiators and furnace

Its winter on the farm.

  The Old Farmer stokes up the coal furnace in the basement.
The is a twice a day job. You shovel out the ashes in the bottom,
Then shake a  grate handle on front of furnace. The cinders and smaller coals
fall through and the hot bigger coals remain on top of the grate.
By the next shift any hot coals that fell through are burned out and safe to shovel out again.
Then in goes a couple big shovels full of new coal.

 In the fall the Old Farmer had let any air pockets out of the radiators
with the radiator key. This was called bleeding the system. Sometimes
during the winter this process was repeated if there was an air block
and the hot water wasn't circulating.
Hot water would circulate through the radiators and they were toasty warm.
There was nothing like coming in the house from the cold and sitting
by a radiator and warming up with a cup of cocoa.
They were also a great place to dry our snowsuits and boots!

I remember being home from school sick in the winter.
The Old Farmer's Wife would bundle me up in a blanket
on a chair by the radiator in the kitchen. Then was she could
do her work and keep an eye on me. 
And the Old Farmer's would go outside the big windows and build
a huge snowman using bushel baskets full of snow.


Sue said...

Brrr is right...great story...don't know anything about those radiators.
So, it is a lesson for me...Wado.

Eldon Mains said...

When there was air in the radiator it would cause a loud banging sound. I can remember hearing it in buildings, like school etc.