Monday, January 23, 2017

To Grandma's House We Go

This was a biweekly excursion on Sundays.
This was not generally a fun excursion for the little ones.
Grandma's house was not to be played in. 
We could not talk loud or out of place.
When we arrived we walked around the yard and flowers
and peach trees and rock garden.
Oh and the crab apple tree. A Bleeding Heart Flower
was on the tour when in bloom!

When in the house entertainment consisted of watching the
mantle clock tick waiting for it to chime. Sitting on the large curved
armed sofa with the deep tuffs, and a real treat was when
The Old Farmer's step mother came in and turned on the
motion lamp for us. We would sit and stare at it for several minutes.
It was a forest fire in action! 

Sunday dinner was lamb with mint sauce.  

But these are not bad memories, but a part of life,
a part of growing and learning to behave as an adult.
She was not a bad grandma, we would get a big old molassas cookie
when we went in the house, it came out of the fridge and was cold and moist and soft.
Eventually that great overstuffed sofa came to live with us.
I never seem to cook lamb, I am sure I could not do it as well as grandma.


Eldon Mains said...

I wondered how you were going to frame this story. It certainly was a tense and rigid time when we visited there. I can remember when they lived on the farm and we could not go on and out of the house because it would "slam" the screen door!

Sue said...

Hahahaha, that sure rings a bell for me...Every sat. mom would drive me and grandma over to my aunt's house, that way, mom could go do her shopping, etc.
At least I had three cousins to play with. Lots of games, and a big yard to play in. We mostly stayed in the kitchen for peanutbutter, mayo and banana sandwhiches, in which I still like.
Thanks for the little memory@!